Friday, September 9, 2011

Countdown: 1777 days left

Blog members: 15
Facebook friends: 188
# of "Likes" of Claudie Larouche's Page on Facebook: 12
Youtube video views: 215
Myspace friends: 2

Yes I know!! I am the worst blogger ever!! Well as I said in my last post I have decided to write a message every Friday, but last Friday I drove to Montreal and I spent the weekend in Jonquière, which means I didn't have time to blog, and then I was too lazy for the rest of the week hehe. Bad me, I promise I won't do it too often, you will have your weekly blog post from now on!

So the biggest news is that my workplace is organizing many activities as part of GCWCC (Government of Canada Workplace Charitable Campain). One of these activities is called "CFIA got talent" and I registered to participate. I have to decide which song I will perform, one that I wrote or a cover... any suggestions are more than welcome :)

When I sent an e-mail to register to CFIA got talent, the guy who is organizing it also asked me if I was interested in performing at a BBQ they are organizing a few days later. The BBQ is only for CFIA employees but there is usually quite a good amount of people who show up so that's really good! I've been asked to play 3 songs, I hope I will manage to win some more fans then! Again if you have good song suggestions I'm ready to take them!


  1. No more updates?? What happen to my favorite blogger???

  2. On serait du pour des nouvelles.

  3. Oui en effet... mais je ne suis pas certaine combien de jours il reste maintenant! Je pense que j'ai encore le temps, je devrais bien m'y remettre sinon je ne serai jamais "famous"! :)