Tuesday, August 2, 2011

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I'm able to sneak some time on the computer while on my vacation to keep you updated on how things are coming along. Lots to tell you today but I'll try not to make it too long!

First of all, if you guys have a project that you are working on, don't hesitate to bring it up to as many people as you can, everywhere you can. As I said earlier, you never know who's going to be able to help you. And even if they can't help you, people can still give you a little boost of confidence if they belive in what you do. And if they DON'T believe in what you do, well they'll realize how wrong they were the day you succeed!

On Saturday evening I was invited to a friend's birthday party, we had a BBQ at her place and there was a lot of people I didn't know. Some of them were members of her partner's family, a very very French Canadian family, they were teasing each other a lot and they were lots of fun to be around. Being very French Canadian myself, I got along with them very well :) They reminded me a lot of my own family which was quite nice. So at one point I did mention I was in the process of organizing a concert in Ottawa in October, and one of the ladies was really excited about it. She gave me her business card and pretty much ordered me to let her know when and where the concert would take place, she will invite her friends and family and bring all her people over to my show. That's all very exciting!

Speaking of the October concert, today I got a phone call from the University of Ottawa to confirm that the room I want to book is available on my date, so the lady simply needs to confirm with her supervisor and the room should be mine on that day. For those of you who are thinking of doing something similar, it will cost me $175 to rent the room from 6 to 11 PM, with the piano available. I will have to pay a sound technician as well, which was $25 an hour last year. So the total cost for the evening should be around $300. None of my performers will be paid. Last year there was approximately 50 people in the room and we were able to raise $586. I gave everything to a good cause so I'm not making any profit regardless, but if someone out there is reading my blog and wondering how much you can expect to make in one evening, well there are tons of variables to take into consideration but I'm giving you all the numbers just so you can have a slight idea yourself.

Once again I am quite happy with how things are turning out, sounds like I will be having a live performance in Ottawa in October which I'm really looking forward to! If everything goes according to plan, the event should take place on October 22nd at the Freiman Hall, University of Ottawa at 8 o'clock. But of course I will give you all the details again once everything is 100% confirmed.

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