Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Countdown: 1808 days left

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Vacations almost over, that's soooo sad :( But the good news is that I will start blogging again! I'm going back to work tomorrow and my parents left Ottawa this morning so I have the whole day to myself to get as many things completed as I can. There's a lot that's been sitting on my to do list for a while, I've been postponing the creation of a MySpace profile for too long now!!

Other great news to share with you is that my concert date is now officially 100% confirmed! As you know, I started sharing the date with some friends and family already and the response so far has been awesome. I'm expecting to have quite a few people in the audience on that night. So the concert will take place at Freiman Hall (610 Cumberland Street) on October 22nd at 8:00 PM. Mark your calendars! I'm really happy because not only do I have lots of people who want to attend, but there are also lots of people who want to perform with me. One of my items on my to do list today is to get organized and ensure I don't have too many performers! I've been asking lots of people and didn't expect to have that many positive answers :)

So I'll get going on the tasks I want to accomplish today and hopefully tomorrow you will have the link to my brand new MySpace profile.

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