Thursday, August 11, 2011

Countdown: 1807 days left

Blog members: 15
Facebook friends: 183
# of "Likes" of Claudie Larouche's Page on Facebook: 12
Youtube video views: 213
Myspace friends: 2

Oh no!! I'm so sad today, I have lost a Facebook friend since yesterday! Don't know who decided I wasn't worthy of their friendship anymore but I hope they will come back to me :(

On a brighter note, I met with one of my friends who is a website guru. She helped me buy two website domains, and Right now both of them are redirecting users to my very minimal Myspace page, that I finally created today. You can have a look if you want but it's pretty much empty right now, I will be adding more stuff to it as soon as I can. Probably tomorrow night since nobody asked me on a date yet lol. Oh well :) Feel free to become my friend on Myspace if you have a profile there, I promise I'll be adding cool stuff and a few mp3s shortly!

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