Wednesday, August 17, 2011

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We had a beautiful day here in Ottawa today, I hope it was the same for everyone regardless of where you are! I'm happy because I was really lucky today! People often leave free books in my apartment building, mostly love novels (which I don't usually pick up) but today someone left a synonym/antonym dictionnary that will be sooooo useful when I write lyrics! That's really cool and I can't wait to start using it! Maybe I'll bring all my lyrics writing gears to Starbucks one of these days and have a songwriting marathon with myself! Actually I'll let you guys know through my blog when I go, maybe someone will want to join me and drink a coffee with me while we work on our stuff, or we can even work together who knows! Anyways right now my schedule is pretty tight so it won't be for right away but stay tuned!

Today I mentionned to two of my colleagues that all the profits of my October concert would go to the Ten Oaks Project, an organization who works with young homosexuals. One of my colleagues totally refused to go to the concert, because she doesn't want to encourage the cause I picked... I kept my cool but it really really frustrates me, especially because I'm somewhat close to that person at work and I was quite offended by her reaction, it hurt my feelings! I can't believe there are still people in a big city like Ottawa who are so closed-minded... It's not like we decide to be gay you know... Anyways I don't want to get started but I can see how mentalities still need to change, and little events like this one convince me even more to organize concerts that help organizations like the Ten Oaks Project. I really wish we could be in a world where we are all equal regardless of our sexual orientation.

On these words, have a great evening everyone!

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