Thursday, August 18, 2011

Countdown: 1800 days left

Blog members: 15
Facebook friends: 184
# of "Likes" of Claudie Larouche's Page on Facebook: 12
Youtube video views: 213
Myspace friends: 2

Well quite a milestone tomorrow, I'm going to be starting the 1700s days left for me to become famous!! A bit scary because the progress is really not so quick right now, unfortunately. I've set up a Myspace account forever ago and I only have one play... Whoever it is decided that my second song was not worth a listen haha :( So can someone please pretend they are interested and go here, then click on the little Play button on my second song so that it has more than 0 play? That will make me feel much better! Thank you!

Not much news today, so maybe I'll share with you something that I really want to try... Most of the time, people find it cute when you make a special effort to learn something in their language... So I want to record a few videos of myself playing songs in other languages and the plan is that everyone will find it really cute that a French Canadian sings in their language so they will forward the videos to all their friends and that will get me more famousness points. Right now I'm trying to learn the Chinese song Mo Li Hua. I'll keep you guys posted, I'm pretty sure I can improve my Youtube video plays using that method but we'll see. :) Not sure it will make me famous but it's not like I have anything to lose anyways!

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