Friday, August 19, 2011

Countdown: 1799 days left

Blog members: 15
Facebook friends: 184
# of "Likes" of Claudie Larouche's Page on Facebook: 12
Youtube video views: 214
Myspace friends: 2

Yahoo!! Somebody listened to me and clicked on Play next to my second song on Myspace!! Whoever you are, you're awesome and I love you, thank you!! :) It makes me feel much better now that I have a total of 2 plays on Myspace haha. Better than 1, better than 0. Gotta see the bright side of things of course!

Very important day today, as I mentionned yesterday, because we're now 1799 days to my deadline. I'm a last minute kind of person so I'm sure I'm going to become famous only when there's about 3-4 days left. One of my friends was asking me to actually define what "famous" is for me. Good question... I think I will call it a success the day I have 1 000 000 views on Youtube AND once I have been interviewed by at least a major newspaper/periodic, a major radio station or a major TV channel. I don't want to count my success with number of songs sold on iTunes or something similar because I don't want to sell my music. It's free, go ahead, take it. Which reminds me, I don't think I've set up Myspace to enable users to download mp3 of my songs, that will need to be arranged, remind me in a few weeks if I still haven't done it ok?

Today I've been invited to a fast-breaking dinner by a Turkish family (we're in the middle of Ramadan in case you guys didn't know, hmmm maybe I should write a song about Ramadan sometime!) I don't know the family at all but I left my e-mail address at a Turkish cooking class a few weeks ago so I'm assuming they're part of the same group of people. Anyways I'm really looking forward to it (it's 7 o'clock right now, I've been asked to be there at 7:45). Maybe I will manage to convince them to come to my concert in October who knows!

Have a great weekend everyone, talk to you next week!

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