Monday, July 25, 2011

Countdown: 1824 days left

Blog members: 7

I was so excited this morning! My blog had 4 members when I woke up, thumbs up for Facebook! We're at 7 now, awesome! So I would like to welcome the new members, and I also have a special mention for Maxime Paquet, my very first blog subscriber. You're the best!

So Maxime being an amazing friend, he actually forwarded the link of my blog to his friends, and one of them pointed out that I should create an artist page on Facebook, which I could link to my blog. I thought that was a very good idea, so I spent a few hours at Starbucks tonight creating my artist page. I also took some time to write up a biography with my friend's help, I'm so happy with it, sounds super professional :)
Claudie Larouche was born in Jonquière, Québec, where she spent all her youth. Following in her father's footsteps, she picked up the guitar at age 17 and started writing her own songs early on. She has participated in several contests and open mic nights, winning second place at the regional contest "Université en Spectacle" in Chicoutimi, Québec, in 2008. Claudie is constantly looking for opportunities to perform, whether it is at local BBQs, for a group of friends or for a good cause. Among other things, she organized, in December 2011, a fundraising event in which she and several of her friends performed, raising close to $600 for Ten Oaks Projects, a non-profit organization whose goal is to help children and youth from LGBTQ communities. Now living in Ottawa since 2008, Claudie is slowly building her fan base in the country's capital region, performing in coffee shops and at local events.
So all this time spent on doing not that much after all... It's going to take lots more effort than I thought to expand my presence on the web and become famous!


  1. hey! Je sais pas si tu te souviens de moi! On etait dans la meme classe à la maternelle! lol... j'ai même mis une photo de la classe sur FB! :P

  2. Salut Coyote!

    Si je savais c'est quoi ton nom ça m'aiderait sûrement à te replacer ;) Elle est où la photo de facebook? Je veux voir ça! Si je me souviens bien j'ai un air super sérieux sur ma photo de maternelle lol

  3. hen!! Je t'ai menti, t'es pas sur ma photo de maternelle!!! Ça doit être une autre photo de classe à Notre-Dame-de-l'Assomption!! Moi c'est Joelle Cyr! Mais tu peux continuer de m'appeller Coyote.. lol!

  4. Haha ok Coyote, c'est un surnom cool, je vais continuer de t'appeler comme ça :) Malheureusement ton nom me dit rien mais si je voyais ton visage peut-être que je te reconnaîtrais, quoi que tu as sûrement changée depuis le temps :)