Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Countdown: 1823 days left

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Tonight I had an amazing evening! I thought this was just going to be a socializing event but I actually met a very talented young man, here's what happened:

One of my colleagues invited me to her place for coffee around 7 PM, her nephew arrived from Serbia recently. He is my age and he is spending 2 months in Ottawa so she wanted to introduce me to him. It turns out that the guy is an absolutely amazing pianist (I'm so jealous). He played one Serbian song that was totally awesome. I'll ask him to send me the Youtube link so you can hear it, hopefully the real one sounds just as good as the way he was singing it. I asked him if he knew any Beatles song and he started to play "Imagine", with a few mistakes here and there, but it actually turned out that it was the very first time he played that song... He just figured it out on the spot, I am soooooo impressed... So anyways he ended up showing me a few videos of Serbian songs on Youtube, and I decided to show him the Youtube video of one of my compositions (this one). So he listened for a few verses, and then he started giving me some comments and how I could improve the song, that was so cool! He is really knowledgeable in music (probably much more than I will ever be) so I can't wait to get together with him again and get some good advices! He also said he liked the song and was going to put it up on his Facebook page tonight. He's starting my fanclub in Serbia lol, that's fabulous ;)

So that was the excitement of the day! I got a few more blog members today so I'm quite happy about it, if I keep getting one or two people every day I will have 3650 members by the end of my 5 years, that would be pretty good :)

Oh and I also reached the 100 views on the Youtube video I was mentionning above, yahoo!!

Have a good evening everyone!

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