Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Countdown: 1822 days left

Blog members: 10
Facebook friends: 173

Today I decided to increase my blog's popularity by posting the link for it on Facebook groups I belong to. I'm trying to share my music with the world, but there are so many things that need to be done that it's hard to tell whether I'm starting with the right steps or whether I'm acting like a chicken without its head, running in random directions... I know I should create a MySpace profile, play more guitar, learn new songs, write lyrics, practice piano, write in my blog, send messages, but I don't know what to do first...

The idea behind putting up an announcement on the groups I belong to was that if I am a member of these Facebook groups, that means I have a common interest with the other members, that means there may be some people there who would be interested in my blog! For example, on the group page of the Songwriter Association of Canada, I wrote:
"Hello, I just thought I would share my new blog with you, it might be of interest to someone in this group. I am a singer-songwriter whose goal is to become famous in 1825 days! Check it out at www.claudielarouche.blogspot.c​om"

I left approximately the same message in three or four other places. After about 5 minutes I started getting some feedback (amazing how quick people are on the keyboard!) First of all an acquaintance of mine who wasn't my Facebook friend before (Chrisy) spotted my announcement and sent me a message to say that she has many contacts in the music business in Ottawa. She said she was willing to help if I need it, how nice! Here's my advice of the day for everyone: always keep a good relationship with everyone who crosses your path, because you never know who is going to turn out to be a key person to help you reach your goals!

A few minutes after Chrisy's message I got another one, someone replied to my announcement on the Songwriter Association of Canada saying:
"Why not focus on writing great songs? Fame is not the reward, nor should it be the motivator."

Oops, sounds like not everyone agrees with my methods of self-advertisement :) Well to make a long story short, we exchanged a few messages, she became my Facebook friend, and she sent me the link to her MySpace. Check it out guys she has an absolutely amazing voice! I especially loved the first and the last song. By the way I'll be sharing other artist's links when I find good ones, I really want to help other emerging artists get known!

And finally as I was writing this post, I made another new Facebook friend because of the announcements I left earlier (hello Laboni!)

I think we can say that today was another very successful day, thank you everyone for your ongoing support! And now I'm going to send a little message to Chrisy, I hope she will be able to help me! :)

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  1. In my humble opinion, the thing is that you seem to be doing everything in your power to promote your blog, while you should be promoting your music. The blog should only be the means.

    I think a very important step you should take is to make a real music video with good quality sound and images that aren't taken from someone's iPhone. Not only would we be better able to hear your music and see you in action, but it would increase your image as a professional singer-songwriter. It doesn't need to be anything fancy and artsy, just something that doesn't look like a bootleg.

    As you know, I'm always ready to help with that kind of thing.

    Your bestest neighbour in the world.