Thursday, July 28, 2011

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Big change today, I slightly modified the background of my blog, I thought the previous one was a little bit boring, hope you like it! :)

I've heard back from Chrisy, I won't go through all the details of what she said but I did mention to her that I am organizing a concert in October (more on that in a few minutes). Here is my favourite part of Chrisy's message to me : "Send me more info on the concert when you have it and I can help you with promoting the crap out of it. haha" What a cool girl!!

So like I said, I am organizing a fundraiser in Ottawa!! I won't give you the date yet because it's not quite confirmed. For those interested in knowing how to organize a concert,  here are the steps to follow (I've done it last year, so I know :)

1) Find a venue. My method: Send an e-mail to every single possible location. If you're doing something similar to the concert I'm organizing, tell them in your e-mail about your interest in organizing a concert. Ask if your date is available, ask for the price, and make your decision when you have all the information from all the places. In my case, since I'm such a debutante and I don't know what the heck I'm doing, it's better to go with a place that comes with a sound technician so that he can take care of all the details like setting up microphones, making sure the volume is good, etc. Last year, my concert took place at the University of Ottawa. They have a music department so they have really good concert rooms.

2) Find a cause. That sounds easier than it actually is! But this is an important step because if you are going to organize and especially advertise a fundraiser, you have to let the organization know because I really don't think you can use their name without their approval. I was quite surprised last year because one of the organizations I approached wanted to turn my event into a strip club kind of thing where the performers remove pieces of clothes if people in the audience give money... I am totally not doing that! Another one of the organizations never answered my message when I offered them to do a fundraiser for them... guess they didn't need the money... Anyways, if you're organizing a fundraiser, don't think this step is the easiest because you might be surprised!

3) Advertise. Well last year I did a pretty crappy job at that and pretty much all my audience were friends and family. I'm not saying that friends and family are not awesome but it's good to get a few more people as well... I don't have any advice for anyone on that right now but I'm sure Chrisy is going to give me a hand and I'll have plenty of things to say about that closer to October!

This coming fundraiser will have other performers as well (not just me) and I've been sending out e-mails to potential performers a few weeks ago, and I sent a few more today. By bringing more performers, it brings variety to the event. By having variety, I think there's more chance that people will find something they like, which means they will come back for the next fundraiser or next concert you organize. Now you will probably ask me where I find the other performers... You would be surprised to know how many of your friends have talents you were not aware of! One of my friends in Ottawa is an AMAZING opera singer, and I know a few more who play guitar or dance... So just send out e-mails, even to people you're not that close with, because that might be an excellent opportunity to get to know them better.

Your own dream might not be to make music, but I really want to prove to you that regardless what your dream is, you just need to work on it, to get closer to it. Believe me, with a little bit of steady effort, there is nothing you cannot do. 


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