Friday, July 29, 2011

Countdown: 1820 days left

Blog members: 11
Facebook friends: 181

Well we're not quite at the end of my first week as a blogger because I started on a Sunday, but I decided that I was not going to blog during weekends (I need breaks too!) so today I am going to do a little recap on my first week completed! 

I started from scratch and now have 11 blog members, although not sure how many of them actually go and read my blog haha. I already had lots of Facebook friends before this blogging adventure, but I was able to add quite a few with the answers I got from my posts all over Facebook. In the last few days, I made very interesting contacts, got great suggestions, reconnected with people I hadn't spoken to in a while... so far blogging is a very pleasant experience!

Today I went playing pool with a few friends, and I met some people I didn't know before. Believe it or not, one of them actually mentionned my blog! Wow!! It really motivates me to keep going :) 

As for the online world, someone suggested me to register my blog at Queer Blogs Canada, thank you Nadine for the advice!! I'm so grateful that people are really trying to help me. I also had a message from someone who would like to start jamming with me, could be lots of fun!

I have to tell you that I just started my summer vacation today and am returning home to Jonquière (the most beautiful city in Québec) for one week and then my parents are coming over to Ottawa. I may not be able to post very often in the next two weeks, but as soon as my vacation is over I will start typing up new posts regularly again, I promise!

Hope everyone is doing great!

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